Roxy’s World

  1. Her first love is food, she will eat anything – even lettuce!
  2. She’s an accomplished theif and together with Siren (the cat) nothing is safe!
  3. She loves to run, all day, everyday!
  4. She can’t catch, if you throw a ball or even a treat at her it will hit her in the face!
  5. She’s the most clumbsy dog I’ve ever met! She looks graceful and elegant but that couldn’t be further from the truth.
  6. MUD! She loves it! Rolls in it, rubs her face in it, rubs her face on you…
  7. All Dallies love cuddles, especially on your lap and face-to-face – There’s no such thing as too close if you’re a Dalmatian.
  8. She’s sings to the Casualty theme tune.
  9. She’ll spoon with you in bed.
  10. She will always greet you with a big teethy smile!2017-01-30_0004

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