No more wet dog!

Living not far from the Norfolk coast means we spend a lot of our time there. Roxy has grown up with the sea and is complete water baby. Regardless of the time of year, if the tide is in, she’s going in! Now the only problem we have with this is how cold she feels from getting wet. Of course I always pack a towel to rub her down when we get back to the car, but she’ll still shiver all the way home. I hate keeping her out of the water because she loves it so much, so finally I have found a solution – The Ruff and Tumble drying coat. It’s a towelling dog coat that has been designed to cover the body from the ears to the base of tail with a nice wide belly strap too. It has two layers of the cotton towelling which feel the same as my Egyptian cotton towels. The coat is edged in tan leather and for that little bit extra luxury you can have your pets name embroidered too. The coat arrived in a matching towelling bag, perfect for keeping it stored away and for travelling. With its Velcro straps, the coat is easy and fast to put on, which is important on an excited Dalmatian that’s very wiggley. I found the coat dried her off quickly and kept her nice and warm. I put the coat on her at the waters edge once she’d finished swimming and by the time we got back to the car, 20 mins later, she was dry! I left the coat on her until we got home, at which point I popped it straight into the washer machine on 30 degrees, then air dried it – I’m pleased to report no shrinkage!

I’m really impressed with this coat, it does everything you need it to and it looks stylish! It now comes on every walk with us and I never have to worry about Roxy being cold again! this coat definitely gets a paws up from us!

Does your dog like going swimming? I’d love to hear your seaside stories.

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October and Roxy



2 thoughts on “No more wet dog!

    1. Oooh thanks! Honestly it’s been a god send recently, Dalmatians have such fine coats they get cold very quickly. Thank you for commenting! It’s my first ever one – so new to blogging! xx


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