Crystal healing for travel sickness


Crystal therapy is a subject that’s interested me for years. I remember at school when I was about to start my exams my aunt gave me a rose quartz to wear close to my heart to help me relax. I did as I told and  it seemed to work. At moments of great stress I would sit quietly holding my stone and take deep breaths. Now as child of a couple of hippies (and suddenly my first name makes sense) I’ve been raised to have an open mind and I’m more than willing to give anything a go once – well as long it’s legal.

A few weeks back I saw a post on twitter advertising crystal healing for dogs. I’d had a couple of bad journeys with Roxy, which was really getting me down and I’m desperate to find something that will ease her problem with travel sickness. So with that in mind I contacted Sam at Salamander Therapies, explained my problem and asked if she could create a charm combination that could possibly help. Sam was great, she came straight back with some suggestions and the cost, which is really reasonable at £7.50.

Within a few days the charm arrived, it clips on the D ring of the collar easily and looks really pretty too! What happened next astounded me! Within 10 mins of wearing it Roxy could hardly keep her eyes open, and this was before her walk! Even my mum couldn’t believe the difference in her.

Encouraged by this reaction I couldn’t wait to take her in the car. to make sure I gave the crystals a fair test, I decided to take Roxy to the beach – a journey distance that always resulted in her being sick. As I said previously I have an open mind, but wasn’t convinced the crystals alone would be enough, but I was proven wrong. We made it all the way without so much as a gag! Although you could still see she was stressed, just not as bad.

I  have continue to use the crystals on every journey  and Roxy seems a little more relaxed, slightly excited even, every time we hit road for an adventure.

I hope to get her to Cornwall later this year. Do you have a staycation planned with your dog?

Spots of love

October and Roxy xxx

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