Travel sickness


It’s the bane of my life and stops me traveling too far afield with Roxy. I’ll admit that over time she has improved slightly, to only vomiting after 30 minutes – as  a pup it came from both ends within 15 minutes! Over the years I’ve tried various suggestions and although sometimes the remedy seemed to work, sadly it wasn’t for long. I feel for Roxy, as a kid I couldn’t travel more than 20 mins before projectile vomiting once down my Mum’s neck! Even now on long journeys I wear travel bands and sit in the front.

I believe to treat Roxy successfully I need to know what really causes the sickness, the general consensus on the matter is that it’s stress related. To which I whole heartedly agree, but what I need to know is it stress because she’s panicking about being feeling and being sick, because she has travel sickness, or is she stressed because she’s a bundle of nerves and is outside of her confront zone? Personally I think it’s a little of both.
Recently I’ve been searching the internet for any new inventions or ideas to try in an attempt to make going on holiday a much nicer experience for both of us. I’ve already invested in few products and I’m still searching more. I’ll be sharing our reviews on this blog, so pop back regualrly to see how Roxy is getting on.

Please share your travel experiences too. Do you have travel sick dog? Have you tried anything that works? Please do tell…

Spots of Love

October and Roxy xx

2 thoughts on “Travel sickness

    1. Hi Emma, She has a travel hammock on the back seat of my Nissan Juke. I’ve never tried the front seat though, I guess it’s worth a try. Thanks for your comment and support xx


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