Dapper cat

Although this blog is mainly about Roxy, occasionally Siren gets in the act. Siren literally appeared out of nowhere – a 10 day old kitten abandoned by his mother, screaming at the top of his lungs. If I hadn’t of heard his cries from beneath a pile of wood in one of my stables, well I wouldn’t be writing this blog post. Needless to say I hand-reared this little ball of fluff and he’s settled into the family, pretty confident he owns the place. He has huge character and in honesty this cat is unlike any other I’ve ever met. Maybe it’s because he’s hand-reared and lives with a dog, maybe it’s just him! One thing I can say is everyday he makes me laugh.
Siren is quite a big boy, he’s not even a year yet. At seven months he’d grown out of his kitten collar, so to replace it I wanted to get something a bit different to reflect his personality. I’d seen lots of dogs recently donning some very cool bow ties, which instantly I knew I had to get for Sir Siren. I follow The January Rose on Twitter and Instagram and fell in love with the red tartan collar with matching bow tie. I was so excited when it arrived a few days later, so beautifully made and the bow tie was the perfect size too.

The bow tie slips onto the collar through an elastic loop and stays securely in place. I loved the little bell and ‘mad with love’ charm, adding to the high end finish.

Siren loves wearing his new collar, sitting majestically on the stable gate surveying all that is his.

Everyone that meets Siren comments on his dapper collar, he really is the coolest cat on the street.

For details on Sirens tartan collar or indeed to browse the gorgeous designs available log on to thejanuaryrose.co.uk

Do you have a cat that you spoil rotten?

Spots of love

October, Roxy and Siren xx

6 thoughts on “Dapper cat

  1. Absolutely stunning pictures and lovely blog post. I’m so glad you and Siren are loving the collar and bow tie, he sure is a dapper cat!
    Thank you so much for spreading the TJR love, it means a lot.

    Louise and Rosie x

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